Celebrating Excellence in STEM Education: India STEM Summit & Awards 2023

The grand stage was set, and the spotlight shone on the best and the brightest in the realm of STEM education and innovation as part of the India STEM Summit & Awards 2023. The event, now in its 5th edition, stood as a testament to India’s unwavering commitment to nurturing the minds that will drive the future of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The India STEM Summit & Awards, a prestigious initiative, served as a global platform for educators, researchers, schools, universities, colleges, corporate entities, and individuals to congregate, exchange ideas, and celebrate their remarkable projects and unwavering commitment to STEM.

This year’s awards ceremony unfolded with great anticipation, recognizing excellence across a spectrum of categories. Schools that have demonstrated exceptional performance and innovative curriculum upgrades received accolades, highlighting the pivotal role educational institutions play in shaping the future. Universities and colleges that have excelled in their dedication to STEM education were celebrated for their contributions. Corporates that have paved the way in making STEM accessible through online education and outstanding automation systems were acknowledged. Further, vocational education providers and suppliers of STEM components and products were recognized for their pivotal roles in promoting STEM at various levels.

These awards are not just acknowledgments of achievement; they are symbols of inspiration and a testament to the collective pursuit of excellence in STEM education and innovation. As the 5th India STEM Summit & Awards 2023 concluded, it left in its wake a community of individuals and institutions driven by a common goal: to empower the next generation with the knowledge and skills needed to shape the future and make India a leader in the world of STEM.

Here is a glimpse of the notable winners in each category:

  • India STEM Award 2023 (For School): Brahm Dutt Blue Bells Public School, Gurugram – Recognized for its outstanding contribution to STEM education at the school level.
  • Outstanding Initiative of the year in Robotics (For School): B.D.M. International, Kolkata, West Bengal – Acknowledged for its innovative approach to promoting robotics education.
  • Most Emerging School as Robotics Education Provider: Prarthana Global School, Modasa, Gujarat – Celebrated for its significant contributions to robotics education.
  • Best Technology Infrastructure of the Year (For School): Nalla Malla Reddy Foundation School, Hyderabad, Telangana – Recognized for its advanced tech6ology deployment to enhance education.
  • Best Academic Innovative Curriculum (For School): Blue Bells Model School, Gurugram, Haryana – Awarded for upgrading its curriculum with rich STEM content.

And in the higher education segment:

  • India STEM Award 2023 (For University): Sri Sri University, Cuttack, Odisha – Acknowledged for its exceptional performance in the realm of STEM.
  • India STEM Award 2023 (For College): Al-khateeb Group, Bangalore – Celebrated for its outstanding contributions to STEM education at the college level.
  • Best Technical Fest Award: Mehr Chand Polytechnic College, Jalandhar, Punjab – Recognized for engaging students and visitors and showcasing cutting-edge technology.
  • Excellence and Innovation in Robotics Education (For Higher Education): Maharishi University of Information Technology, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh – Awarded for new inventions and developments in robotics education.
  • Most Emerging University in Robotics Education: GNA University, Phagwara, Punjab – Acknowledged for providing advanced technology education.
  • Best Technology Infrastructure of the Year (For Higher Education): Goa Institute of Management, Goa – Celebrated for its technology deployments that enhance educational delivery.
  • Best Academic Innovative Curriculum (For Higher Education): All India Institute of Training and Education, New Delhi – Recognized for developing innovative study content and curriculum.

In the corporate segment:

  • Best Online Education Provider (For Corporate): Kritrima Prajna Innovations Pvt Ltd (eduCOBOT), Mumbai, Maharashtra – Acknowledged for its virtual and online training services in STEM.
  • Excellence in Automation (For Corporates): Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, Mumbai, Maharashtra – Recognized for being the best automation system integrator in the industry.
  • Best Online STEM Seller Award (For Corporates): A.G.L. (Advanced Growth Learning), New Delhi – Celebrated for its eCommerce platform that sells STEM educational products.
  • Vocational Robotics Education Awards (Corporates): ROBOMATIIC – CADD TECHNOLOGIES SCHOOL OF DESIGN PRIVATE LIMITED, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu – Recognized for its contributions to vocational robotics training and workshops.
  • Vocational Education Award (Corporates): Space Technology and Education Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi – Celebrated for its contribution through vocational studies in the Indian education sector.
  • Best RoboLab Setup (Corporates): STEM Learning Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, Maharashtra – Awarded for setting up state-of-the-art Robotics Labs.
  • Best STEM Products Supplier (Corporates): Scholarlab Technologies Pvt Ltd, Pune, Maharashtra – Recognized for its leadership in providing robotics components, projects, and kits.
  • Best STEM Publication (Corporates): NEWGEN TECHNOLOGIES, New Delhi – Acknowledged for publishing the best magazines, study materials, and publications to enhance knowledge and spread STEM awareness.
  • Best STEM Education Start-up (Corporates): Kritrima Prajna Innovations Pvt. Ltd. (eduCOBOT), Mumbai, Maharashtra – Celebrated for its contributions in the field of STEM education, supplies, services, and products.

Additionally, distinguished individuals were recognized for their exemplary contributions:

  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Dr. Janardan Singh Chauhan – Celebrated for a lifetime of exceptional service in the field of STEM education.
  • STEM Education Entrepreneur of the Year: Shivam Gupta – Recognized for entrepreneurial excellence in STEM education.
  • Woman Education Entrepreneur of the Year: Anshu Dubey – Acknowledged for her outstanding contributions to STEM education.
  • Contribution to STEM Society: Ashish Kumar – Celebrated for efforts in building an ecosystem and developing youth interest in STEM.

These awards serve not only as recognition of excellence but also as a powerful encouragement for all those involved in STEM education and innovation. They inspire and drive individuals, institutions, and organizations to continually push the boundaries of STEM education, thus contributing to a brighter future for India in the world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

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