Google’s AI-Powered Search Experience Adds Image Generation Capability

Google has taken another leap in the race for AI innovation by announcing an exciting addition to its Search Generative Experience (SGE). Users will now have the ability to generate images directly from textual prompts in the search bar, thanks to this new feature.

In an era where the tech industry is sprinting toward AI development, with giants like Google, Meta, Microsoft, and others continually releasing new features and models, this move by Google underlines its commitment to enhancing the search experience for its users.

The concept behind this innovative update is to empower users with the ability to create images effortlessly with the help of Google’s AI-backed Search Engine. SGE, or Search Generative Experience, is a new breed of search engine developed by Google that harnesses AI capabilities to deliver comprehensive and informative answers to user queries.

As per Google’s official blog post, this initiative is part of their ongoing experiments to incorporate generative AI capabilities into Search. The objective is clear: to make the search experience more interactive and productive by allowing users to generate images directly from textual prompts. Users can breathe life into their ideas or seek a starting point for their written drafts with this novel feature.

Recent enhancements to SGE have included AI-generated summaries of search results, providing users with a quick overview of their search queries. Another addition involves the capability to check for grammar and other language-related errors in the sentences users input into Search. Now, the most recent update allows users to use phrases like “draw” or “create a [x]” as prompts to witness SGE generate entirely new images.

The magic behind image generation in SGE is powered by Google’s Imagen family of models, which are already present in Google Slides and Meet. This integration ensures a seamless experience and reliability in the generation of images.

Here’s how image generation on Google Search works: The generative AI is powered by Google’s Imagen text-to-image diffusion models. Users can request images by simply using words as prompts. For instance, if you desire an image of a dog dancing on a beach, all you need to do is type the request, and Google Search will present you with four different image options. Users also have the flexibility to adjust their descriptions to match their preferences.

To experiment with AI image generation in Google’s SGE, users can input phrases like “draw – your prompt -” or “sketch” into the Google Search box. Upon submitting the prompt, Google will showcase up to four images concurrently, displayed above the regular search results with a distinct background color.

Furthermore, users may encounter AI-generated image suggestions while browsing image search results. It’s worth noting that there might be a slight delay in SGE updates within image search, so a bit of patience may be required. Nevertheless, this feature will be a valuable tool for users who have a specific image in mind but struggle to find an exact match.

Google has emphasized that it is introducing these new AI features with responsibility. The image-generation tool will not create images that violate the company’s prohibited use policy for generative AI.

This latest addition to Google’s SGE marks another significant stride toward creating a more interactive and user-friendly search experience. With AI-powered image generation, Google is making it easier for users to realize their creative visions and gather information in a more visually appealing and engaging way. As AI continues to transform the tech landscape, Google is at the forefront, ensuring that users reap the benefits of these exciting advancements in search technology.

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