How top business organizations implemented AI?

  • Global artificial intelligence summit and awards is all set to be on the floor
  • The event is planned to be held on 14th and 15th of September 2022.
  • It is expected bring together industry experts and top organizations to discuss their AI implementation strategy.

Global Artificial Intelligence Summit and Awards ( GAISA) returns with a bang this September. Now in its fourth year, goes from strength to strength gathering the top AI brains in all major sectors who will share the outcomes of WHY and HOW they successfully implemented AI, the resultant impact on their business, the hurdles and challenges they faced. It’s an opportunity for young entrepreneurs and enthusiasts to witness the power of AI and leverage the most of it

The GAISA global event organized by the All India council for robotics and automation is planned to be held on the 14th and 15th of September 2022 at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi. The 2022 edition of GAISA expected to provide insights into artificial intelligence and potential solutions to overcome the challenges in different sectors from Well known experts and thought leaders through effective keynote sessions and presentations. Speakers will showcase successful industry vertical use cases, share development tips, and help to participate individuals/ organizations about how best to leverage AI as a key component in their growth. It will be an excellent networking opportunity for attendees interested in advancing, extending, or implementing AI.

“We are proud to bring the third edition of GAISA to highlight the transformation of different sectors due to the adoption of AI.AI has the potential to change the way we live in this world and it’s high time to acknowledge it.” Said Rajkumar Sharma, president at aicra. ” We will be showcasing AI innovations happening around the globe and we’ll also be revealing the winners of GAISA awards in different categories.” He added.

Past editions of GAISA have attracted several attendees from different regions. The last edition alone witnessed the participation of 100+ exhibitors and many leading companies.

If you or your organization is building cutting-edge AI solutions to adapt to a world driven by technology, Please nominate yourself/or your company for GAISA AWARDS 2022.

Please follow the below-given link to nominate :

All further details regarding the event will be updated on the official website of Gaisa 2022. Please Visit :



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