Instagram Explores New Meta Verified Feed, Exclusively Showcasing Posts from Verified Accounts

Instagram is making waves in the social media world as it experiments with a game-changing feature: a “Meta Verified” feed that allows users to filter their content exclusively from verified accounts. This innovation is a part of the Meta Verified subscription service, which offers a host of benefits, including verified identities, priority customer support, and exclusive stickers.

Instagram’s head, Adam Mosseri, recently announced the ongoing testing of this novel feature, aiming to provide users with a more streamlined and customized experience. With this option, users can enjoy their feed without the clutter of non-verified content, focusing solely on posts from their beloved celebrities, influencers, and brands. This development is poised to make Instagram’s Meta Verified program, which comes at a cost of $11.99 on the web or $14.99 within the app, even more enticing for businesses and creators seeking enhanced visibility.

Mr. Mosseri shared a glimpse of the upcoming feature through a screenshot, revealing that the “Meta Verified” toggle will appear under the “Following” and “Favorites” sections when users tap on the Instagram logo. This feature not only benefits regular users by allowing them to curate their content but also acts as a potent tool for Meta verified users to reach a more specialized audience.

Instagram’s head, Adam Mosseri, stated, “We’re testing a way for people to explore their Instagram feed and reels by toggling to only Meta Verified accounts. We’re exploring this as a new control for people and a way for businesses and creators to get discovered. Let us know if you’d be interested in using this.”

Despite this exciting development, specific details about the test, such as its size or eligibility criteria, remain undisclosed. The “Meta Verified” feature is a component of the paid subscription program, initiated earlier this year for Instagram and Facebook by Meta. This program provides a coveted blue verification checkmark, superior customer support, and safeguards against impersonation.

Initially trialed in Australia and New Zealand, it expanded to the United States and businesses before being introduced in the United Kingdom, Canada, India, and numerous other global markets in the spring of 2023. The ongoing testing of the “Meta Verified” feed demonstrates Meta’s commitment to enhancing the user experience, offering more value to subscribers, and fostering a more engaging and secure social media environment.

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