5 iPhone Apps That Content Creators Should Be Using in 2024

Updated: January 2, 2024 08:33 IST

iPhone apps

Content creators are continually seeking ways to enhance their productivity, and with the ever-growing App Store, iPhone users have a plethora of tools at their disposal. Whether you’re a seasoned content creator or just starting, here are five free iPhone apps curated to elevate your productivity and make the most out of your creative endeavors.

  1. Blackhole Splitter
    • Blackhole Splitter is a dedicated app designed for iPads but works seamlessly on iPhones. This free app allows users to download public videos from various platforms such as X (previously Twitter), Instagram, and Facebook. With the ability to compile all downloaded videos in one location, Blackhole Splitter streamlines video management, enhancing content creation workflows.
  2. Brave Web Browser
    • The Brave browser offers an ad-free web browsing experience, the ability to play YouTube videos in the background without a premium subscription, and includes an optional VPN for private web browsing (subscription required for Brave VPN). Its background audio feature allows users to continue using other apps or services while playing YouTube audio.
  3. One Sec
    • Available for iPhones, iPads, and Macs, One Sec is designed to help users maintain focus and reduce smartphone usage time. By displaying a disclaimer and prompting users to reconsider opening social media platforms or YouTube, the app encourages mindful screen-on-time management.
  4. Action Button Shortcuts
    • Action Button Shortcuts empowers users, including content creators, by providing customizable action buttons even for older iPhones. This essential app includes pre-defined Siri shortcuts such as photo direction, quick location, emoji to image, and multiple alarms, optimizing Siri’s capabilities on iPhones.
  5. Paste – Clipboard Manager
    • For users who frequently copy and paste content throughout the day, Paste is a clipboard manager that tracks all copied links. With a simple click, users can access their copied URLs and text swiftly, streamlining the process of managing and reusing clipboard content.

As the demands on content creators continue to evolve, leveraging these free iPhone apps can significantly enhance productivity and simplify various aspects of the creative process. Stay ahead in 2024 by incorporating these tools into your content creation toolkit.

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