A 3D Robot that Sweats

Three-dimensional printing is an important and amazing application of the discipline of robotics. It gives the designer the freedom to provide new functionality to the robots they create. This also aids the user to blend there robots with new customization and functionalities according to their needs.

The field of robotics is an expanding industry today because of additive manufacturing industry.

The University of Tokyo has designed an advanced three dimensional printed robot named Kengoro. This robot really sweats. It is embedded with cooling process that helps it to cool down when its motor gets heated up. Its cooling system is similar to human sweat gland. When this robot undertakes physical activities like push-ups it perspires like human being to cool down its system.

Making of Kengoro was possible only because of additive manufacturing. The robot has 108 motors in its body. As the robot has such huge number of motors, its system a strong cooling system is a must for smooth functioning of the robot.

The frame of Kengoro is LASER sintered aluminum powder. The permeability of the metal in the body of the robot has been customized by altering the energy density of the laser during fabrication. Thus, leading to a sweating robot, when it undertakes heavy workout!

By‑Alpana Saha

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