A revolution is about to start: Device that uses human sweat to generate power

A device that cumulate sweat from human fingertips to generate power!!

Can you imagine?

Our scientists and engineers have designed a next generation device that can convert the chemicals from our sweat into electrical energy. A flexible and thin strip is wraps around the fingertip like a patch to collect sweat. Since the fingers are constant producers of sweat, the device can work without any physical effort from the wearer.

The device is a high absorbent of sweat which is then converted in energy from a padding of electrodes in carbon foam. The enzymes of these electrodes trigger chemical reactions between lactate and oxygen molecules in sweat, generating electricity. A chip made of piezoelectric material is lies under the electrodes and can generate more energy when pressed.

This device is an edge ahead of its time since it does not require any input from the wearer to work. The concept of this device is a fuel for engineers and researchers trying to create practical wearables that are accessible to common man.

For the time being, this device is only able to power electronic gadgets like wristwatch which require less power to work and is not suitable for electronics like smartphones.

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