Add more links in your Instagram bio: A tool for Instagram.

Instagram is having pretty restrictive policies towards sharing links to other platforms. Sharing links confined to the story “Swipe up” and bio on Instagram. Updating bio whenever you have a new link is problematic for regular content creators.

Linktree is a new tool that enables you to create one link that is a hub for many other links. In simple words, Linktree is providing a platform for Instagram users to display multiple links to attract followers.

How to create a Link tree?

Navigate to Linktree in a web browser and select Sign Up Free or Get Started for Free.

Set up your account by adding basic information like username & email.

To add links, Select the Link tab, add a title, and the URL for your link. To include an additional link, select “Add new link.”

Link your social media account by selecting “Settings” and then scrolling down to “Social Links.”

Now you can copy the link to your link tree and update your Instagram bio with it.

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