Adobe to begin selling AI-generated stock images

  • Adobe has announced that it will sell images generated by AI-powered tools
  • Rapid advancements in generative AI systems have increased their popularity over recent months.

Adobe has announced that images generated by AI-powered tools such as DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, and Mid journey will be sold. In recent months, rapid advancements in generative AI systems have increased their popularity.

Shutterstock announced in October that it was expanding its partnership with DALL-E creator OpenAI. Shutterstock will offer DALL-E images to customers as part of the expanded partnership.

Concerns have been raised about the potential use of generative AI tools for things like scams and misinformation. Because of these concerns, OpenAI delayed making its tool public until it could implement safeguards designed to prevent or mitigate such risks.

“There is a way to integrate generative AI in the right way. With the scale that Adobe has, I believe they can do it right,” said Adobe customer Alex Q in a blog post.

“I think it comes down to whoever does it first and how companies engage their communities with these tools responsibly.”

Copyright concerns are another issue with generative AI tools.

Shutterstock and OpenAI will collaborate to develop frameworks that will compensate artists when their intellectual property is used and when their works contribute to the development of AI models.

It’s unclear what will happen if an AI-generated image purchased through Adobe’s platform is discovered to be infringing on a copyright.

“While early generative AI technologies have raised valid concerns, Adobe is committed to helping lead the evolution that will come from this technology into tools that empower artists, while never seeking to replace human imagination,” explained Adobe in a statement.

“Properly built, used, and disclosed to viewers, generative AI can be a powerful tool to enhance creativity, accelerating the creative process to benefit both consumers of digital assets and the community of contributors who produce those assets.”

Adobe says that it’s investing in attribution innovations, including digital provenance technology developed by the Adobe-led Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI).

The current assumption is that copyright laws for regular images will be similar for AI creations, but there’s little certainty until there are some inevitable cases to set precedents.



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