AI powered fitness app Fitelo aims to increase revenue to 250 cr in 3 years.

Fitelo, a fitness technology app, hopes to increase its revenue to Rs 250 crore in three years as consumers increasingly use technology for their health and wellness needs.

The platform has grown exponentially in the last two years, serving 15,000 clients with a team of 65 people. Fitelo claims that its content reaches five million people monthly and that it aims to become the world’s largest weight loss app this year.

“In the next five years, we envision Fitelo to be the one-stop solution for people planning to embrace the sustainable and natural fitness route,” said Sahil Bansal, cofounder of Fitelo.

Fitelo is an AI-powered wellness app founded in 2019 by Mehakdeep Singh and Bansal that identifies people’s habits, fitness goals, and medical conditions and curates personalised health programmes for them.

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