AICRA and ASDC Join Forces to Propel Future Technologies in Automotive Sector

Updated : April 17, 2024, 12:57 PM IST


  • AICRA partners with ASDC to advance STEM Lab initiatives, Centers of Excellence, Skilling programs, and Joint events.
  • MoU signing witnessed by AICRA President Mr. Rajkumar Sharma, Vice President Alka Sachdeva, and ASDC representatives Arindam Lahiri and Garima Jhamp.
  • Collaboration aims to foster innovation and skill development in the automotive industry through cutting-edge technologies.


New Delhi : The All India Council for Robotics & Automation (AICRA) has announced a strategic partnership with the Automotive Skills Development Council (ASDC) to accelerate the integration of future technologies within the automotive sector. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was formally signed on 16th April 2024, witnessed by esteemed dignitaries including AICRA President Mr. Rajkumar Sharma, Vice President Alka Sachdeva, along with ASDC representatives Arindam Lahiri and Garima Jhamp.

This collaborative effort underscores a shared vision to promote STEM education, establish state-of-the-art Centers of Excellence (CoE), conduct skilling programs, and organize joint events aimed at fostering innovation and skill development. By leveraging each other’s expertise and resources, AICRA and ASDC aim to create a conducive ecosystem for nurturing talent and driving technological advancements in the automotive domain.

Mr. Rajkumar Sharma, President of AICRA, expressed his enthusiasm about the partn7ership, stating, “This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our collective efforts to revolutionize the automotive industry through innovation and skill development. By joining forces with ASDC, we aim to empower aspiring professionals and enthusiasts with the necessary tools and knowledge to excel in the rapidly evolving landscape of future technologies.”

Similarly, representatives from ASDC, including Arindam Lahiri and Garima Jhamp, echoed their commitment to the collaboration, emphasizing the importance of industry-academia partnerships in bridging the skill gap and driving sustainable growth within the automotive sector.

As part of the partnership, both organizations will work closely to design and implement initiatives that address emerging challenges and opportunities in areas such as robotics, automation, artificial intelligence, and electric mobility. Through joint research projects, training programs, and knowledge-sharing initiatives, AICRA and ASDC aim to position India as a global hub for innovation and excellence in automotive technology.


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