AICRA and IIT Delhi Forge Strategic Alliance to Propel Indian Industries into the Future


  • AICRA and IIT Delhi unite forces to drive technological innovation in manufacturing, aligning with the ‘Samarth Udyog Bharat’ initiative by the Government of Heavy Industries, India.
  • The collaboration focuses on Industry 4.0 Incubation Centers, trainer certification programs, joint certifications for students, and support for startups.
  • The partnership reflects a commitment to catalyzing technological innovation, creating a skilled workforce, and positioning India as a global leader in smart manufacturing.


New Delhi, 22-01-2024 – The All India Council for Robotics & Automation (AICRA) has officially joined hands with the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD) to drive innovation and technological advancement in the manufacturing sector. This collaborative effort aims to realize the vision of the ‘Samarth Udyog Bharat’ initiative by the Ministry of Heavy Industries, Govt of India, fostering a transformative impact on the nation’s industrial landscape.

The primary objective of this partnership is to empower industries with cutting-edge technology, enabling them to reach their full potential and positioning India as a global leader in the international community. The collaboration will focus on technology awareness programs, development, and implementation of innovative products and services across various industries.

The scope of work includes the establishment of Industry 4.0 Incubation Centers in engineering colleges and universities nationwide, certifying qualified trainers for industry-specific training programs, and executing joint certification programs for students. Additionally, the collaboration will foster the development of a robust start-up ecosystem, providing technical guidance, fundraising, and marketplace support.

AICRA, under the leadership of President Rajkumar Sharma, will be responsible for various initiatives, including organizing the IndiaFirst Startup Summit, hosting the World’s Largest Robotics & Automation Expo, and contributing to the National AI Mission through roundtables and the Technology Governance Steering Committee.

The Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD) will play a pivotal role by providing train-the-trainer programs, extending training support to Industry 4.0 Centers of Excellence, and developing modules for joint certification programs. Moreover, IITD will facilitate seminars and conferences at its premises, bringing in experienced veterans of technologies to offer guidance and support.

This strategic alliance underscores a shared commitment between AICRA and IIT Delhi to catalyze technological innovation, create a skilled workforce, and position India at the forefront of global technological leadership. The collaboration is poised to be a game-changer, driving the nation toward a future of smart and sustainable manufacturing.


The All India Council for Robotics & Automation (AICRA) stands as a vanguard of innovation and technological mastery. As a preeminent organization singularly devoted to advancing the fields of robotics and automation, AICRA has evolved into a pivotal force, acting as a catalyst for transformative change and fostering sustainable progress. Rooted in the core principles of nurturing innovation and shaping the trajectory of automation, AICRA has played an instrumental role in seamlessly bridging the gap between academia and industry. With an unwavering commitment to the promotion of cutting-edge technologies, the organization has emerged as a driving force propelling India towards its destined position as a global leader in the expansive realm of Artificial Intelligence & robotics.


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