AICRA launches India Stem Mission to prepare youngsters ready for future jobs and entrepreneurship

  • AICRA has launched India STEM Mission to foster the STEM sector in India.
  • The initiative will reach across Cities, Towns, and Villages.
  • The India STEM mission will help Educational institutes to set up STEM labs on their premises.

The All India Council for robotics and automation has launched the India STEM mission, a new STEM-centric initiative to transform STEM education and prepare the young minds with futuristic skills, and ready them for 21st-century jobs and entrepreneurship.

With India STEM Mission, The All India Council for Robotics and automation aims to engage youngsters in STEM and support them to choose a career that excites them. The initiative will reach across cities, towns, and villages. The core concept of India’s STEM mission is to establish a professional society for young explorers that can provide easy and in-depth access to the trends and innovations in STEM at the right time. It will serve as the resource for addressing the needs and challenges of STEM education and become a complete solution for students, institutions, and organizations.

The support of India’s STEM mission will include setting up labs across educational institutes in the country while also providing a comprehensive curriculum devised by experts, establishing STEM community Labs to ensure the high-quality STEM access to young learners, mentoring students and educational institutes in building a STEM learning culture, hosting challenges and competitions to help develop STEM skills in kids, providing unique a platform to showcase the STEM innovations of the brightest minds with STEM innovation challenge and building STEM youth clubs to offer less formal settings to explore STEM.

AICRA under the India STEM mission has organized the India STEM Summit and Awards 2022 with a collective goal to foster STEM education and also to honor the outstanding contributions to the sector by individuals and corporates. Speaking at the event, Shri Rajkumar Sharma (President, AICRA) said, “STEM sector of our country needs a transformation for preparing youngsters ready for the future. The India STEM mission will promote and support all the activities to foster the STEM Sector and, address the current challenges and provide solutions”.

India STEM mission is everything that the STEM Sector in India needs to get flourished and prepare the present and all upcoming generations for the future world driven by innovative technologies.

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