Amazon’s indoor, outdoor Blink cameras can work for 4 years on one set of batteries !!

Amazon had acquired a smart camera company Blink a while ago and have now announced two new cameras. These two new offerings also helps Amazon to push its business into a subscription model. One of the main features of the Blink cameras is that they can last up to four years on normal use on a single set of batteries.

The Blink Outdoor camera is priced at $99.99 ( ₹7,318 approx) and the Indoor one comes for $79.99 ( ₹5,854 approx) and includes a free trial to Blink’s cloud storage plan. Once the free plan is over you have to pay $3 ( ₹219 approx) per month to keep the cloud storage going. There is an unlimited plan too which is going to set you back by $10 ( ₹731 approx) per month.

Customers have an option to save their recording locally with the Sync Module 2 that comes included in the box and any USB flash drive. Both the Blink cameras come with basic home camera features like 1080p video, night vision, motion detection, two-way audio etc. The cameras are Alexa compatible too.

The cameras can last for up to two years in a pair of AA lithium batteries and later this year Blink is going to release a battery expansion pack that will up the number of AA batteries to four. This doubles the camera stamina to four years in normal use. The expansion pack costs $30 ( ₹2,195 approx).


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