Apple MacBooks with new processor may arrive this year, new design in mid-2021 !!

There have been a lot of rumours and leaks clouding over the fact that Apple will be finally ditch Intel and will join hands with ARM chipmaker for future MacBook products. While this could happen today at WWDC 2020 conference, a new release note (via 9to5Mac) from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo gives some more information on the specifics of ARM-based Mac devices. In his latest investor note, Kuo adds that the new version will include a 13-inch MacBook Pro and a 24-inch version of a rumoured iMac redesign. Kuo adds that these Mac products are likely to show up by the end of this year or earlier than the 2021 time frame, which was previously rumoured in a Bloomberg report. However, the releases can also slip to Q1 of 2021, he says. Also claimed is that new ARM-based Macs may perform around 50% to 100% faster than the current Intel-based counterparts. The Bloomberg report however, stated these Macs to feature a 12-core processor. In addition, Kuo says that there could be a design refresh in MacBooks somewhere around mid-2021. However, besides making its Mac devices more powerful, Apple’s ARM deal will prevent it from depending on Intel chipset launches. Usually, Apple would rely on Intel processor launches so it can work on the processors for its Mac devices. And lately, the chipmaker has been delaying the launches, making things difficult for Apple. However, this should relieve Apple from that issue. If you aren’t aware, Apple announced its move from PowerPC to Intel back in 2005 when Steve Jobs spearheaded the firm. The company will now do the same but with Intel on the other side of the waving hand.


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