Apple now wants to save the environment

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Apple has more than doubled the number of suppliers committed to using 100 percent sustainable energy over the last year. The change is intended to meet the company’s 2030 objective of being carbon neutral across its supply chain and products.

Apple’s Clean Energy Program, which promotes the use of renewable energy for production and other activities, will now be followed by a total of 175 Apple suppliers worldwide. Eleven of these vendors will be from India. Cheng Uei (Foxlink), Avary, CCL Design, Flex Ltd, Hon Hai, Jabil, Lingyi Tech, Pegatron, Sunwoda Electronics, Wistron, and Yuto will be among these vendors. The momentum of suppliers adopting Apple’s environmental pledge will be observed in other countries as well.

According to Apple, the transition to using renewable energy throughout its supply chain would bring “more than 9 gigawatts of clean power online around the world.” Every year, these actions will save nearly 18 million tons of carbon Dioxide.

Apple promotes the usage of recycled materials in its products in addition to requiring suppliers to use renewable energy. Apple says to be using recycled metals such as gold, cobalt, aluminum, and rare earth elements in their devices.

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