Apple WWDC 2020: Top five new features expected for iPhone, iPad users !!

We’re just a few hours away from Apple’s annual developer conference, WWDC 2020. This year, the company is holding the event online in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic. Just like every year, Apple will unveil a new iteration of its mobile operating system. The latest iteration for iPhone users is going to be IOS14 or iPhone OS. For iPad users, it will be iPadOS 14. It may be recalled Apple has split OS for the two platforms since last year. The two, however, share some common features and functionalities.’Ahead of the WWD2020 conference, here is what iPhone and iPad users can expect. Optimisations: According to reports, Apple’s iOS 14 is more focused on improving performance and stability. The new iOS is expected to come on all iPhones that were compatible with the iOS 13, a focus on performance makes a lot of sense. It is worth noting that Apple has often been accused of slowing down older iPhones with the new iOS updates. UI: That said, Apple is likely to refresh the interface to bring a new list view for apps. The look and feel will be quite similar to Android’s and will give users more options to personalise. There could be a new wallpaper setting that may support third-party apps as well. AR: Apple is also looking to launch a beefed-up and more interactive Augmented Reality app with iOS 14. Codenamed the Gobi, the new app will help users to find out more information about the locations around them. This may also include a wider QR code support.

iPad Stylus: According to reports, Apple’s iPadOS 14 will bring a new PencilKit feature which will bring more functionalities for the stylus, also known as Apple Pencil. One of the features widely expected is the ability to convert handwritten texts into text.

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