Artificial Intelligence in Education landscape !!

Some of us may have heard about Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is a branch of computer science associated with the building of smart machines that can perform tasks that otherwise require human intelligence. AI endeavors to simulate human intelligence in machines so that they are able to think, perceive, learn, problem solve and even take decisions. Computer systems powered by deep learning and machine learning are able to carry out such tasks. This is achieved by bringing together thinking, perception and action using mathematical algorithms. In AI, each and every decision is now driven by data, where machine learning predicts human behavior based on accumulated data.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Schools

In India, the education sector can gain a lot by the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the classroom setting. In our country, we have a dearth of qualified teachers at the elementary, secondary and even at higher level of schools. This could come in the way of providing education to all in our country of 133.92 crores, a figure that makes us the second largest population in the world after China. This problem of making quality education accessible and inclusive can be solved to a large extent by the intervention of revolutionary technology such as AI in classrooms.

AI can emerge as a solution when there is a need for good quality teachers. Schools and classrooms can empower students with this technology; the AI systems on their part can conform to the specific abilities of students in learning and grasping of concepts. This innovative technology is able to find out about the strengths and weaknesses of students and cater to their needs in the best manner possible. This in turn would solve the problems of accessibility of education and also ensure that the learning being provided conforms to established quality standards.

The need to increase awareness about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in schools

Students in K-12 need to be made aware about AI and its various applications. They should know that in this day and age, computers powered by AI can see, hear, and even speak. Computers are able to do all this and more through data made available. Learners at the school level should be made aware of how data related acquisition can be done. They need to know that AI can be beneficial or harmful in the long run depending on intentions of the corporations collecting the data from individuals. There is an urgent need to associate ethics with data management & availability for AI to be helpful to people in general and not invade on the privacy of individuals.



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