Asus to launch ‘Expert’ commercial laptops, PCs and AiOs in India, launch to take place in September !!

While Asus is already an grabbing headlines for its smartphones in India, it has also been aggressive in the PC and laptop space. Those following the brand, already know about the ZenBook and ROG line of laptops in the country. But that’s not all the Taiwanese tech firm has to offer. Asus today announced its entry in the commercial PC segment in India. This means that it would be entering the arena which until now was dominated by the likes of Dell’s OptiPlex series and HP. So what lies ahead? Speaking to HT Tech, Dinesh Sharma, Business Head, Commercial PC and Smartphone, System Business Group, ASUS India, confirmed that the company’s Expert line of commercial laptops, desktops and AIOs will be launching in India.

Asus plans to launch these products over the September 18 to 25 timeframe. Sharma added that the Expert laptops, PCs and AiOs will be covering a wide range of price segments with different hardware options. “We will have a range of laptops, desktops and AiOs. In future, we will have workstations coming in as well. So, multiple product categories will be there under the Expert series,” said Sharma.  He added that “right from entry-level i3 or entry-level Celeron processors going right up to a flagship and innovative products,” the firm will be launching all the devices in September itself.

Sharma says that initially, Asus plans to bring 10-12 products in the Expert series to India. And what will make them different from rivals is the superior design, high-quality build, better thermals and better chassis design. For the first time, Asus will also be starting a customised shipping process in the country. He continued that there will be at least an five new laptops that will be launching in India besides PCs and AiOs. All of them will come with different variants. Sharma added that Asus’ decision of foraying in the commercial PC segment in India comes independent of the current pandemic situation. “If you are really ask me the pandemic had no impact on our strategy to launch commercial products.

It is independent of that is More than the external environment it is the stage that we have achieved in our business right now, which has led to this current timing,” he said. As for the partners, Sharma says that Asus has finalised ‘top tier’ partners for picking up the distribution of its commercial Expert line of laptops. “In the consumer PC segment, we have already achieved top 3 positions in the Indian market. We want to introduce the same amount of consumer-centricity for businesses in India by leveraging the experience to introduce a wide array of innovative, cutting-edge products tailored for enterprises and establish ASUS as the best-in-class technology solution provider for enterprise customers,” he added.



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