Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI): Anticipation Mounts as Players Await Return

After much anticipation, Krafton’s announcement of the return of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) game in India brought joy to fans across the country. The download link for the game is available on the official website, but upon downloading, players are greeted with a message stating, “Servers not online, yet.” This has left many wondering about the availability of the game and the reasons behind the delay. Let’s delve into what the company has disclosed and what leaks have suggested regarding the game’s status.

BGMI Servers Offline: What Does This Mean?

Krafton has addressed the situation by stating that the game is currently unplayable because the servers are still inactive. Given the vast amount of user data involved, it is understandable that the company requires some time to ensure everything is in order before making the game available for play. While the exact reasons for the server delay remain undisclosed, leaks suggest that the Indian government may have requested certain modifications to the game, though specifics regarding these changes are yet to be revealed.

In a statement, the company clarified, “Currently, the closed test track for BGMI is updated. Those who opted for a public test of the game before its launch are expected to receive a message via email that redirects them to the Play Store for downloading the game. However, the servers are shut, and the game cannot be played. We acknowledge that some users who did not participate in the closed test are also encountering this message. This is a technical error, and we are actively working to resolve it. We will notify you as soon as the game is available to PLAY.”

BGMI’s Return: When Can Players Expect to Play?

While Krafton has not yet provided an official statement regarding the game’s playable status, it is anticipated that further details will be revealed soon. Upon contacting BGMI’s customer support, it was stated that the game servers would remain unavailable for some time, and players will be required to recalibrate custom game settings when they rejoin in the near future. Players may also need to re-authenticate their social accounts to continue playing BGMI.

Krafton has assured players that their existing data will be retained when the game becomes available. As for the rumored release date, speculation suggests that Battlegrounds Mobile India will be playable from June 18. However, confirmation of this remains pending, and players will have to wait a few more weeks for official announcements.

Fans eagerly await the return of BGMI, with the official download link already available. However, the message stating “Servers not online, yet” indicates that players are unable to play the game at present. Krafton has acknowledged the issue and is actively working to resolve it. While the exact reasons for the server delay are undisclosed, leaks suggest government-requested modifications. Players can look forward to future announcements from Krafton regarding the availability and gameplay of Battlegrounds Mobile India, with the hope of experiencing their favorite game once again.

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