Bengaluru based startup raised $2.2 million

Bengaluru based startup raised $2.2 million

Onato, a fresh fruit supply chain startup based in Bengaluru, has raised $2.2 million in a seed round headed by Vertex Ventures. Agritech investor omnivore also participated in the round.

Onato is a developing a digital platform to address inefficiencies in fresh produce supply networks founded in 2021 by Vedant Katiyar and Ashish Jindal.

Jinesh Shah, a managing partner of Omnivore, said, “Onato’s well-crafted digital intervention and robust fulfilment process are easing the burden of credit in the supply chain. The startup is also solving the issue of income instability in Indian agriculture that so often compels farmers to exit farming altogether.”

Agriculture provides a living for more than 58 percent of the country’s inhabitants. Agriculture, forestry, and fisheries contributed $276.37 billion in gross value added.

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