Centific Wins GAISA 2024 Award for AI Excellence in Retail

New Delhi, 24-01-2024Centific Global Technologies, a pioneering force in AI and analytics, clinched the coveted “Best Use of AI in Retail” award at GAISA 2024. Centific’s triumph is attributed to its cutting-edge product, Pitaya.ai, which leverages advanced AI technologies such as Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and Neural Networks to transform retail operations. The platform provides actionable insights, ensuring customer safety, driving product placements, and optimizing store associate efficiency. This prestigious award highlights Centific’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI in addressing critical challenges within the retail sector.

Efforts Recognized: Driving Innovation and Solving Real-World Challenges

Centific’s journey to victory reflects its commitment to innovation and tackling pressing issues in the retail landscape. Pitaya.ai stands out by making existing store camera infrastructure smarter, utilizing machine learning operations for efficient computation, and seamlessly integrating with store systems. The platform addresses challenges like shrinkage, enhances customer analytics, ensures workplace safety, and optimizes retail execution. Centific’s ability to marry cutting-edge technology with practical solutions has not only earned industry acclaim but has also delivered tangible results, making a significant impact on the retail industry’s future.

Pitaya.ai’s Success Stories: Transforming Retail Dynamics

One notable success story involves Pitaya.ai addressing shrinkage at self-checkout, a $700 million problem. Through a strategic combination of Pitaya’s capabilities, in-store systems, and robust product recognition modules, Centific successfully tackled issues such as under-scanning and barcode swapping. The real-time monitoring and integration with POS systems led to significant savings per store, showcasing Pitaya.ai’s effectiveness in solving real-world challenges. Centific’s dedication to seamless integration, generative AI tools, and customer journey management further emphasizes its commitment to advancing AI applications in the retail sector.

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