Chrome’s dinosaur game gets an update to celebrate the Tokyo Olympics 2021…!

The dinosaur game that comes to you as a boredom saver when your internet cheats on you, is getting a makeover as part of the Tokyo Olympics 2021.

The new update from Google will now feature a splash of color in its usually monochrome interface and the cute little dinosaur will acquire the Olympics torch soon after it starts running. Once it picks up the torch, your character will load within the avatar of one of the sports that will be played at the Tokyo Olympics 2021. You can change the sport avatar of the dinosaur to a new one by simply refreshing it. The feature will last until the end of the Tokyo Olympics 2021.

You don’t have to wait till your internet isn’t working prompts to make the dino run. Access the game from chrome://dino. The game is live on all platforms.

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