echnology that fosters the relationship between the citizen and government, now this is something which is somewhat very much apt and usable for a better usage of things and perspectives. These technology is mainly deployed to enhance the relationship between people and government, so that the people can have more voice to participate in public decision making or rather deliver some better services to people.

The peripheral of the civic technology, is surfacing around the information technology and includes many significantly useful civic application. As we live in an era of technology and its outburst is very severe in society and available throughout the human population.

Nowadays citizens are very much fairly given access to their representatives through social media, which is one of the best possible usages of the social media until now. People are able to express their concerns directly to government officials through sites like Twitter and Facebook to have an impactful presence. Social media is gigantically becoming a growing aspect of government, as so many of us are active on the media. Rather than it is paddling towards furthering the communication between the government and its citizenry and towards greater transparency within the government sectors for a better understanding of how the things are supposed to be. This innovative aspect of facilitating a change towards a more progressive and open government, is apparently based on civic engagement and technology for the people.

Technology driven is the premise of this era, which is designed to benefit the citizenry places, the governments under pressure to bring a radical change and innovate the way in which their bureaucracies relate to citizens. E-government initiatives have been established and supported in order to strengthen the democratic values of governmental institutions, which can be preferably inclusive of transparency, along with improving the efficiency of the legislative processes for making the government more accountable and reactive to citizen’s concerns for making a better functioning human unit all together. These will further enhance the civic engagement within the political spectrum for the sake of greater and direct representation and have a more democratic political scenario to be an epitome as a whole.

Technological progress is rampant throughout the nations across the world, but there are various factors dividing efforts and adoption techniques. In how the functioning can have a rapid movement for certain countries are progressing compared to others. How nations are able to use information inquisitiveness to know the devoted nations are to integrating technology into the lives of their citizens and businesses. Local and national governments are investing heavily for the sake of improving the functions and operations of this technology to work for the people and the governments hand in hand. With more governments attaining a grasp on these technologies, it is paving the way for a more progressive and democratic political systems, for the concerns of a better future society and for those of the citizens of the pertained nations for a holistic approach.

Sarath Chandran, Team  AICRA FutureTech

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