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Way It Took So Long To Be Proven

As back as in 1950 Albert Einstein came up with the concept of Gravitational wave. Gravitational wave proof was found on September 2015. After thorough testing and experimentation the gravitational wave was put to test the field equation and it was finally announced on 11th February 2016 to the public that the gravitational wave was finally proven.

The researchers in the beginning thought that some mistake took place in experimentation of the details but it was not the case. The researchers first convinced themselves and then put forth their paper to the peer reviewers and finally through it opens to the public. Now scientists have detectors that can measure gravitational wave. Now more and more detectors will be created, which are accurate enough to go to the base of all research work.

The gravitational wave forms are very spectacular and astonish enough for everyone to believe it. The black hole can be seen at the base of these and it looks miraculous to many in the scientific world as well.

Advanced Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) had heard the ripple of the collision of two black holes and they measure those ripple and came up with the conclusion that gravitational wave theory given by Albert Einstein was proven real.

When the disturbance which was specified by the scientist in the beginning was made to be heard in terms of sound it was amazing sound of which was close to ripples found in any water bodies. It was a ringing sound in the air and water.

Gravitational waves formed because of some most energetic disturbances in the Universe. Actually Albert Einstein had talked about Gravitational wave as early as 1916. According to Einstein Mathematical calculation and predictions the rapidly moving objects in the space creates massive disturbance in the form of waves and disturbances. The most massive or strong gravitational waves are formed by the collision of two large black hole in the universe.

What Albert Einstein had explained was just prediction. And he predicted it as back as 1916 but no solid proof regarding it was given from his end. Through Einstein’s predictions the astronomers throughout the world started working on making it a solid proof. Scientists work on it for several years and observed that star were getting closure to each other with a speed, which proved the theory of relativity.

Since then astronomers throughout the world worked on the existence of gravitational waves and are working towards proving it practically.

The National Science Foundation’s Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) and the European-based Virgo detector have experimentally proven the gravitational wave theory given by Albert Einstein long back.

This experiment proof on gravitational wave provided by LIGO can lead to a new wave of search in the field of gravitational wave.

My wishes to astronomers and scientists are enjoy exploring new horizon and dimension in the field of celestial studies through it.

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