DeepMind launches new AI tool, Dramatron, to write film scripts

DeepMind Technologies introduced Dramatron, a new AI film writing tool, on December 9th, amid the ongoing fascination with ChatGPT’s script-writing ability. DeepMind is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company, which recently announced this tool for writing screenplays and professional scripts on Twitter. The company also mentioned the experts’ thoughts on this tool in another tweet.

What does it offer?

This new tool allows writers to rewrite, re-edit, compile, and draft their story by using an Open-AI OPI and Perspective API that detects and filters hate speech on the Internet using machine learning.

DeepMind referred to this as an increasingly interactive writing model in a blog post, and stated, “Language models are gaining popularity among writers. They are, however, limited in their utility for long-form creative writing due to a lack of long-range semantic coherence.”

“In Dramatron, we address this limitation by applying language models hierarchically. Dramatron can generate coherent scripts and screenplays complete with a title, characters, story beats, location descriptions, and dialogue by building structural context through prompt chaining.”

Can Dramatron also become controversial, like Lensa AI?

The recent Lensa AI controversy raised questions about AI’s operations and privacy among artists and users. It’s not surprising that a storm like this could happen with Dramatron if it’s not used properly. On 14 February of this year, USCO (United States Copyright Office) published a report in which it denied AI the right to copyright original artists’ work.

Artificial Intelligence was barred from being named as an inventor on a patent in 2021 by the English and Welsh Courts of Appeal (Civil Division).

“Dramatron can output fragments of text that were used to train the language model, which, if used in a produced script, could lead to accusations of plagiarism,” DeepMind said.

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