Despite curbs, learning process is on !!

New Delhi: In spite of restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the teaching fraternity in Delhi-NCR schools has ensured that the learning process of students remains uninterrupted and moves swiftly, using different online applications

Year 2020, the year of the covid-19 pandemic, has pit all of humanity against the virus. It has changed lifestyles, quarantined and locked all home, and damaged health, wealth and well-being immensely. This has been no less than a war – except that in this one, we are all on the same side. Like in every other aspect of daily life, schools also developed tools and innovative techniques so that the process of teaching and learning never stopped. The past three months have seen the structure of schooling and learning change tremendously. Teachers have ensured that all students adapt to the changes to continue with their E-learning.They worked with students individually as well as in groups. We rightly celebrate doctors, nurses, sanitation workers and other first responders who worked hard and accomplished so much during this Covid-19 pandemic.

I think teachers are education’s first responders and they must be acknowledged for their efforts. We must praise students also. Ably supported by their parents, they have been the emerging warriors. Accepting the situation for what it is, they have embraced new methodology and engaged in intellectual discussions and learnt to manage stress. My advice to them: Challenges make life interesting, and overcoming them makes life meaningful and creativity. Create love for learning and resilience that is essential for great accomplishments in the future far beyond timeline of this temporary pandemic. History will remember how we reacted to these circumstances today, how our character was shaped and perhaps how we transformed into better human beings with compassion.With the world around us coming to a standstill due to the Covid-19 lockdown, most of us would have imagined that at least the teachers would now have it easy since there won’t be regular classes anymore. We could not have been more mistaken.

While most of us were still trying to understand the implications of the lockdown and speculating what the future held for us, I had a completely different agenda. I initiated quick measures that they won’t negatively impact the learning crisis of many students and had to figure out a strategy to keep the morale of the teachers uplifted and the students engaged in the learning process. I came up with a game plan to address the challenges that I along with my teachers faced. My first item of action was to bring all staff and students together on a common platform. WhatsApp came in handy as all students had access to this application through a phone that their parents used. Subject-wise groups for each grade were created overnight. I lead a group of teachers who came up with an effective timetable which was also shared with parents before bringing into effect.  All teachers set up online classes based on timetables on Zoom application. I ensured every online class is followed by teachers sharing the resources or study materials in the form of a presentation deck or a PDF document. For any doubts, the students were advised to consult their teachers and have their doubts cleared.

A two-way communication is a requirement and Me and my teachers ensured to have that. We also organised a webinar for parents on stress-free parenting and on eye protection due to increased screen time during online classes. Despite the challenges and a lot of troubles due to the Covid-19, there is a silver lining too. Yes, there are upsides that can let us make this lockdown period much more productive and enjoyable. We shouldn’t lose hope and make the best even in these tough times. As a teacher, I would be grateful to help children discover their hidden talents and find their true selves. Children can indulge themselves in activities such as painting and drawing and drift into the colourful world of art to try and learn something new beyond their daily routine. The best part of this pervasive situation is that it has granted us time to spend with our families . Let’s not forget that with every challenge comes a bunch of opportunities and it depends on us whether we face it or just walk away accepting our defeat.

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