Drone association of India

NADDSO (National Association of Drone and space organization) is a drone association of India, the concept of which was driven by AICRA (All India Council of Robotics and Automation) after understanding the non-availability of drone association and aerospace Industries in India to drive the sector and help the industry to flourish and move forward to fulfil the national agenda as highlighted by the Prime Minister.

The Purpose of the association is to create a single window mechanism between Government bodies and companies by taking their issues in consideration and formulating right policy advocacy for the stakeholder to ensure aerospace safety and control and way forward with business growth.

NADDSO is a vertical which is dedicated equipped to drive the drone & aerospace sector by identifying the bottlenecks and do thread and bear research to advancement at par with the global market. NADDSO, the drone association of India was developed by keeping the same concept in mind by the technology steering committee.

The all India association is under the guidance of CEO (Dr. Sabyasachi Ghosh) who is also the vice president of AICRA and is Ex. Regional Director for Eastern and North Eastern States of India in Export Promotions Council for EOUs and SEZ, with a demonstrated history of working with the Fortune 500 , Top MNCs and with Government administration more than decades of experience , with knowledge of Foreign trade having skills in Negotiation, Analytical Skills, Operations Management, Coaching, and Databases, Information Technology and Services and Multi Manufacturing sectors.

The Team NADDSO have Chief Strategy Officer Lt Gen PJS Pannu , PVSM, AVSM, VSM(Retd) Former Deputy Chief Indian Integrated Defence Staff (Operations) who is Former Deputy Chief Indian Integrated Defence Staff (Operations) responsible for coordinating military operations of the three services. He was responsible for raising the Defence Space and Cyber Agencies, as well as the Special Forces Division. He conducted the first ever space exercise in India nicknamed IndspaceX in 2019. He served three tenures in the Military Operations Directorate at Army Headquarters and on two UN missions, Mozambique and Sudan both as Chief Operations Officer.

He was the Chairman of the Executive Committee of CENJOWS (Centre for Joint Warfare Studies) and USI (United Services Institute) of India both premier Defence Think Tanks. He is a distinguished fellow at the USI, India. He is pursuing a PhD in Indigenisation of Defence Industry. He is a regular contributor to publishing articles and a regular speaker in the media channels. He has recently published the USI National Security Paper 2021 on Role of Niche and Disruptive Technologies in India’s Deterrence and War Fighting Capabilities.

Lt. Gen. PJS Pannu who is the Chief Strategy Officer of NADDSO stressed upon technology and discussed how technology is empowering the nation and it’s extremely important to lay stress on niche technology which our country needs to adopt very quickly if we have to make sure we have to occupy the global arena.

Maj. Gen Luv Chand who is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of NADDSO also shared his views “drones have evolved from RPV to UAV- Aerial to autonomous drone. The evolution is literally at break neck speed. This throws up many ethical and social issues. Drones are going to be the primary vehicle for AI extending from NAPE of the Earth troposphere and beyond. Drones cousins in the form USVs-land/ Sea too are revolving at rapid pace”.

Keeping everything is mind, AICRA president Mr. Rajkumar Sharma came up with the need of developing a vertical NADDSO (National Association of Drone Developers and space organizations) with Vice President Dr. Sabyasachi Ghosh and created a vertical specifically dedicated to resolve the issues of drone and aerospace industry by generating a trade body/ Drone association.



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