Ecom Express plans to convert 50% of its vehicle fleet to electric by 2025

Ecom Express, a tech-driven logistics company, wants to convert half of its fleet to electric by 2025. The business stated in a statement that it will deploy electric bikes in Jaipur and Hyderabad to complement its push into electric vehicles.

Ecom Express has been operating an electric 3-wheeler fleet in the Delhi NCR for the past two years in the first-mile delivery sector, as well as successfully completing trials for the usage of e-bikes in the last-mile, according to the company.

The company claims that the use of electric cars is part of a larger sustainability goal to lower its carbon impact and remain a responsible delivery partner to the e-commerce industry.

“We are thrilled to have added e-vehicles as a step towards our journey of achieving 50% electric fleet in the last-mile by 2025. I believe this is a progressive step toward sustainable green logistics and it reasserts our commitment to a safer environment,” said T A Krishnan, cofounder and chief executive officer, Ecom Express Limited.

According to Krishnan, “sustainable mobility is a catalyst for revolutionising the logistics and transportation sector.” “At Ecom Express, we’re working to expand our options for making long-term deliveries. The usage of electric bikes is the start of our efforts to make our last-mile deliveries more environmentally friendly.”

The company stated that it has been working to put in place the necessary infrastructure, including the charging station, to enable the EV rollout.

According to the firm, it is already collaborating with a number of stakeholders throughout the EV ecosystem to make logistics greener and more environmentally friendly.

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