Elon Musk Revamps X, Reintroduces Headlines with a Twist

New Delhi | UPDATED: Jan 3, 2024 09:34 IST By Divyanshi Sharma

  • Headlines are back on X.
  • Musk previously removed headlines for shared links on the platform.
  • Now, headlines appear as overlays on images.

Elon Musk, the tech magnate and mind behind X (formerly Twitter), has once again shifted the narrative by bringing back headlines for shared links on the platform. Earlier, Musk had opted to remove headlines, stating that this move would enhance the aesthetic appeal of each post. In October, headlines vanished from the platform entirely, with only the linked image being displayed when a link was shared. However, Musk has followed through on his promise, and headlines have made a comeback, albeit with a twist.

A report by The Verge reveals that headlines are now back on X but in a modified format. Instead of appearing in a separate white box, they now manifest as overlays. Read on to get the full scoop.

Headlines Return to X: According to The Verge, headlines have indeed returned to X, but with a nuanced presentation. The report highlights that the headlines are now smaller and serve as overlays. A shared screenshot displays headlines in a reduced font, in white, overlaid on the image associated with the link. This modification aligns with X’s previous practice of displaying links with the source website’s name at the bottom left of the photo.

![Headlines Overlay](Image URL)

As per The Verge, complete headlines are now displayed similarly to the overlay in the provided screenshot. However, this feature is currently visible to only a select group of users. When IndiaToday Tech attempted to post a link on its X handle, the new headlines weren’t visible. It is anticipated that this feature will be accessible to all users in the near future.

Returning to The Verge’s report, it underscores that headline text might get cut off if it is too large to display within the overlay.

In a tweet dated November 2023, Musk had hinted at the return of headlines to X. He mentioned that the headlines would appear as an overlay on the image because “every pixel matters.”

“In an upcoming release, X will overlay title in the upper portion of the image of a URL card,” Musk had tweeted. When another account re-shared his tweet, Musk clarified that headlines would only appear as overlays on an image, emphasizing, “But still overlaid on the image. Every pixel matters,” he affirmed.

Why Did Musk Remove Headlines? Musk’s decision to remove headlines last year was part of an initiative to enhance the visual appeal of tweets. A Fortune report in August shed light on Musk’s rationale, suggesting that the move aimed to reduce the vertical space occupied by a tweet on a user’s screen. Musk believed that this adjustment would allow more posts to fit within the user’s timeline, while also curbing clickbait.

“It’s something Elon wants. They were running it by advertisers, who didn’t like it, but it’s happening,” a source mentioned to Fortune.

Around the same time, Musk encouraged journalists to publish directly on the platform for ‘more freedom and higher income’ in a tweet, further showcasing his commitment to reshaping the user experience on X.

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