Exploring New Frontiers: AICRA and Metaverse blockchain team up for cutting edge solutions

20-03-2023 , New Delhi : AICRA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Metaverse Blockchain Solutions, a training service provider specializing in blockchain training programs. The agreement aims to embrace various programs and initiatives for blockchain, AR/VR, and other technologies.

AICRA firmly believes that blockchain technology can provide greater security, efficiency, and transparency in various processes. Through the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed with Metaverse Blockchain Solutions, AICRA is committed to collaborating on joint trainings, workshops, consultancy, short and long duration certificate programs, or any other program mutually agreed for Blockchain, AR/VR, etc. Technologies.

As part of the agreement, AICRA will provide program listings on NIRA and AICRA websites, academic support, and maintenance of records, while Metaverse Blockchain Solutions will design online blockchain session programs for students, develop content for the blockchain module, promote blockchain module training in AICRA through personal resources, and conduct the blockchain module program.

AICRA aims to foster private sector-led efforts that include both non-profit and for-profit initiatives with the goal of building scalable models. The organization is committed to democratizing education and disseminating knowledge through novel techniques and methodologies for the benefit of large sections of society within the country. The partnership with Metaverse Blockchain Solutions is part of this mission, as it seeks to provide quality blockchain education and training to a wide range of learners across India. The MoU sign off was attended by Vikas Ahuja (CEO,Metaverse Blockchain solutions), Kapil Rathi (Investor, Metaverse Blockchain Solutions ) along with Rajkumar Sharma (President,AICRA)

“We are excited about our partnership with Metaverse Blockchain Solutions, which will enhance our training offerings and further our mission to promote the robotics and automation industry in India,” said Mr.Rajkumar Sharma ( President AICRA)”This MoU will help us democratize education and disseminate knowledge through novel techniques and methodologies for the benefit of large sections of society within the country.” He added

The partnership will be a significant milestone for the Indian education industry, as AICRA and Metaverse Blockchain Solutions work together to provide innovative, high-quality training programs that will help individuals and organizations enhance their leadership and personal career capabilities.

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