Facebook open sources droidlet- the platform to build robots

Droid let, The platform for building robots that leverage natural language processing to understand the world around them. According to a new report from venture beat, Facebook has open-sourced droidlet recently.


Droidlet enables researchers to test different NLP and computer visions to build systems that can accomplish tasks in the real world or simulated environments like Minecraft or Facebook’s Habitat. It simplifies the integration of machine learning algorithms in robots.

The platform delivers a dashboard for researchers to add debugging and visualization widgets and tools as well as an interface for rectifying errors and annotation. Droidlet ships with wrappers for connecting machine learning models to robots, in addition to environments for testing vision models fine-tuned for the robot setting. The platform contains several modules, that can be further broken down into trainable or heuristic components.


“The Droidlet platform supports researchers building embodied agents more generally by reducing friction in integrating machine learning models and new capabilities, whether scripted or learned, into their systems, and by providing user experiences for human-agent interaction and data annotation,” Facebook wrote in a blog post. “As more researchers build with Droidlet, they will improve its existing components and add new ones, which others, in turn, can then add to their robotics projects with Droidlet, robotics researchers can now take advantage of the significant recent progress across the field of AI and build machines that can effectively respond to complex spoken commands like ‘Pick up the blue tube next to the fuzzy chair that Bob is sitting in.’

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