Facebook page redesign rolls out in India: All you need to know

The redesign of Facebook Pages is now being sent out to users in India. It has removed Likes for Indian users and decreased the emphasis on Followers. The revamp was announced by Facebook in January, but it is now being sent out to users in India. Its layout has been simplified and made more user-friendly. Facebook Pages will also have their own News Feed, allowing users to participate in conversations, monitor trends, communicate with peers, and engage with fans.

To increase safety and reliability, Facebook stated that it has enhanced its ability to detect prohibited conduct on its platform, such as hate speech, violent, pornographic, or spammy content, and impersonation. Facebook is also increasing the prominence of a verified symbol to make it simpler to distinguish posts and comments from legitimate Pages and accounts. “A remark made by a verified Page on another Page’s public post may show higher in the comments area and be seen in News Feed,” Facebook explained.

Facebook will soon enable prominent people to post remarks on top of the comments area. Furthermore, users will be able to follow Pages straight from comments and suggestion postings. The revamp will remove Likes in favor of Followers, simplifying how users engage with their favorite pages. People may therefore communicate with their followers and strengthen their bonds with them.

Facebook and Instagram introduced the opportunity for users to conceal likes from their posts earlier this year. Instagram will allow users to hide likes from all of their posts, so followers will not be able to see how many likes a certain post has received. According to the social media company, by hiding the like counts, users can focus on sharing images and videos rather than the number of likes they receive. Instagram users may not only hide their like counts, but they can also opt not to see how many likes the other person has received. By going to the new Posts area in Settings, users can hide the post on other people’s posts.

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