GAISA focuses on the power of AI in major industries

The third edition of the Global Artificial Intelligence summit and awards to raise the curtains on the 6th and 7th of October 2022 with a comprehensive focus on the strategic and tactical benefits of artificial intelligence in various sectors such as healthcare, education, agriculture, smart cities, and transportation.

Organized by the All-India Council for robotics and automation (AICRA), the GAISA summit is an annual event dedicated to addressing the innovations that happened in the field of artificial intelligence. This season, the summit will bring together international and regional decision-makers, experts, and specialists from various governmental and private sectors, including leading technology companies, investors, and business people, and is aimed at building global interactions to transform important sectors with the latest AI trends.

Among the participants will be several distinguished speakers and global experts, who will cover a range of topics divided into five sectors: AI in Healthcare, AI in education, AI in smart city, AI in agriculture, AI in transportation. The event also includes an exhibition to showcase the latest AI trends through innovative products and services along with an award ceremony to honour the impeccable innovations in AI by institutions, organizations, and individuals.

“We are optimistic that AI has the potential to change lives. India is developing AI-based solutions for social empowerment across spheres like healthcare, education, agriculture, smart city and transportation. India can become the world’s AI lab, bringing intuitive solutions to a wide range of societal concerns.” Said Rajkumar Sharma, President of AICRA.

All further details regarding the event will be updated on the official website. Please do follow the below-given link to follow GLOBAL ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SUMMIT & AWARDS.

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