Google Apologises to Indian Govt Over Gemini’s Inappropriate Comment on PM Modi: Story in 5 Points

New Delhi| Updated 06-03-2024, 03:25 PM IST

  • Google expresses regret to the Indian government over Gemini’s remarks on PM Modi.
  • Gemini’s unreliability acknowledged; Google apologizes in response to a government notice.
  • The Indian government emphasizes transparency and accountability from AI platforms.

Google finds itself in hot water following controversial comments made by its AI platform, Gemini, regarding Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The tech giant has issued an apology to the Indian government, acknowledging the platform’s unreliability. Here’s a breakdown of the incident in five key points:

  1. Google’s Apology: Google has expressed regret to the Indian government over Gemini’s inappropriate comments about PM Modi. Minister of State for IT & Electronics, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, disclosed that Google apologized in response to a notice sent by the government regarding unsubstantiated remarks made by Gemini.
  2. Criticism from Minister: Minister Chandrasekhar criticized Google’s apology, stating that labeling the platform as unreliable is not a sufficient defense. He emphasized that AI platforms should not operate in trial phases while providing consumer solutions, particularly if they risk disseminating misleading or unverified information.
  3. Regulatory Response: In light of the incident, the Indian government announced that AI platforms would now require a permit to operate in the country. Minister Chandrasekhar raised concerns about AI platforms using India as a testing ground without proper safeguards or disclosures.
  4. Transparency and Accountability: The government underscored the importance of transparency from AI platforms. Minister Chandrasekhar stressed that platforms like Gemini should explicitly inform users about potential inaccuracies or unlawful content, especially during testing phases.
  5. Government Advisories: Minister Chandrasekhar warned that AI platforms could face prosecution under Indian IT and criminal laws for disseminating false or unlawful information. The government also issued advisories for AI-led startups, urging them to label unverified information as potentially false and error-prone, following previous concerns about deepfakes circulating online.

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