Google Chrome to prevent users from filling insecure forms soon !!

Google is working on a new feature on Chrome that it will prevent users from filling insecure forms. This upcoming Chrome flag will stop information submission on any form that Google considers ‘insecure’ and is going to help save users from phishing attacks or security breaches.

First reported by Techdows, the upcoming flags is called ‘Disable Autofill for mixed forms’ and once turned on it will configure that the browser settings to stop information like email IDs, addresses etc from being auto-filled into forms hosted on an https site but submitted in plain text over an insecure http connection.

The new feature will also show users a warning to stop them from manually submitting the insecure form. The warning text will clearly state that the data in the form is being sent through an insecure connection and may expose your information, like your password, messages or credit card details etc, if it is sent.

Once you get the warning there will be an option to choose to submit the form anyway or go back to avoid potential data risk. The new flag will not affect the password auto-fill function that Chrome has though and that will continue to work as usual.

You can enable this flag from chrome://flags on Chrome 86 Canary right now if you don’t feel like waiting for a global rollout. It should be in debut officially on Chrome 86 that is coming out in October and will be supported on Chrome for Linux, Android, Mac and Windows.

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