Google hosts Chrome LIVE: Here’s what it’s all about !!

Today is the last day for LIVE, a digital event held by Google for developers to connect, share ideas and build networks while learning new web techniques, something they couldn’t do while sitting at home. Usually, this happens every year at Google IO conference but since the event didn’t take place this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Google came up with LIVE. It was a three day digital event that started on June 30th and included short 3 hours content streams (in English) hosted on website.

“So, we’re planning for a three day digital event – LIVE – where web developers can come together, from the comfort of their homes to hear about the latest, most helpful updates to the platform, learn modern web techniques and to connect with other developers — including those who are pushing the community forward and have been on the front line with COVID related work,” stated the Chromium blog post.

In these three days, the firm planned to stay active for three time zones so it can answer questions for all developers in real time and active hours. “Each day will have unique content so you’re welcome to join us on all three days or watch the content on demand later, but developers in any timezone will have the team actively answering questions at least once through the event,” added the post. It is worth noting that while Chrome Live will  beend today, Google’s Firebase Live will go on till July 7th. It’s A 5-part weekly web series for developers that includes them talking, attending technical tutorials, and live Q&As.

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