Google is going to teach you a new word every day

Google is going to teach you a new word every day

Google Search has launched a new tool that will assist users in learning a new English word every day. Google says that the feature would help users improve their vocabulary and develop their language skills. Users may receive daily alerts on their phones that will help them in learning new terms as well as some interesting information about them. For the time being, the Learn a new word every day feature is only accessible on phones.

To activate the notifications, open Google Search and type Define before a term whose meaning you want to find. In the upper right corner, you’ll find a bell icon, which you should click to sign up for new words every day. You may also disable the alerts by tapping the bell once more.

“Understanding the meaning of new words helps unlock information for people as they go about their daily lives, and worldwide in September, according to Google Trends the top-searched English definitions were “introvert” followed by “integrity.” With this in mind, we’ve created an easy-to-use feature that not only helps you learn about different words but also sparks your curiosity,” Google noted in a blog post.

Google noted that the feature is available exclusively in English, and that the words are geared toward both English learners and fluent speakers. Users will soon be able to select the difficulty level.

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