Google to resolve Pixel 5a overheating issue

Google to resolve Pixel 5a overheating issue

Google is reportedly focusing on an ongoing issue with the Pixel 5a before introducing its next line of premium devices. Following multiple reports of the phone overheating due to little usage of its camera, Google is currently researching the issue and is expected to provide a solution shortly.

Though it is not a universal issue, several Pixel 5a users have reported that the device displays an overheating warning. According to customer concerns, this warning is issued when its camera is used for 4K video recording at 60fps. People filming at 1080p at 30fps have also received the overheating warning at times.

During its evaluation of the gadget, Android Central reported multiple instances in which the Pixel 5a got overheated to the point that an overheating warning appeared on the smartphone. The phone “quickly overheats when using the camera for an extended period of time,”

The issue occurred even when the phone was not particularly heated. According to Android Central, the Pixel 5a they tried did not get too hot when a random overheating notice appeared on the screen and the phone turned off its flash and camera access.

As a result, some speculate that there is a flaw in the Google Camera program that causes shutdowns at slightly elevated temperatures. Google anticipates the same cause for the issue and is studying the app and the problem in general.

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