Google will add editing features to audio Recording app !!


At the Google’s Launch Night In event, the company introduced a couple of new products such as Pixel 5, Pixel 4a 5G, Chromecast with Google TV and Nest Smart Speaker. Along with the products, there was also an announcement for an update to Google Recorder app.

People who are recording audio on their pixel phones, can now easily edit them and also share the files without an internet connection. To save a section of your audio, select that particular part. Then tap of Crop and name the file. Then to tap Save copy. To remove a section of your audio, select that part. Then tap Remove and name the file. Then tap Save copy.

The news update for the Google Recorder app which will allow editing and sharing files without an internet connection will be rolled out very soon. The feature is available for Pixel 5 and older Pixel phones. As it mentioned in the Google blog post, Recording app on Pixel phones is packed with many more features including ‘search within recordings’.

Users can search for words, phrases, or sounds, like music or applause. Additionally, one can also find the exact time the word was spoken, or sound occurred. Using Google Recorder app, you can change or remove one word at a time in a transcript. Just touch and hold the word that you want to change. Then tap Edit word and change the word to the one you want to use and save it.


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