Government issues draft rules for manufacturing, using drones !!

The Civil Aviation Ministry on Friday issued draft rules for making and using drones in the country, proposing that an authorised manufacturer or importer can sell its devices only to an individual or entity approved by the aviation regulator DGCA.
The draft rules have been issued at a time when the use of drones has increased due to a coronavirus lockdown, for purposes like surveillance,  disinfection & videography.
The rules said each drone importer, manufacturer, trader, owner and operator will need to take the approval from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. An authorised unmanned aircraft system importer or manufacturer must not sell a UAS to any person except an authorised trader or owner.The draft said that  DGCA will have the powers to inspect to an UAS manufacturing or maintenance facility before granting any authorisation under  these rules.
“No UAS shall operate in India unless there is in existence a valid third party insurance policy to cover the liability that may arise on account of a mishap involving such UAS,” the draft rules added.  UAS should  not carry any payload except as permitted by the DGCA.
Only an Nano class drones, which are less than 250 grams, will be allowed to operate in India in general, the draft rules stated, adding that only a “qualified remote pilot” will be permitted to  operate the  heavier drones.

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