Here’s how you can customise and change Google’s record of your online activity !!

Google recently announced that it will be auto-delete user’s data including search activity and location history within 18 months. There was, however, a catch to this, the default delete will only work for new users. Existing users can manually set the time for auto-deletion. Google will not be change any of settings for users who have already activated any auto-delete options. For the first-time YouTube users, those who have created a new account or turned on their history for the first time, the auto-delete option will be set at 36 months by default.

If users want to monitor and manually change the activity Google has access to, following are the simple steps:

  1. Users should be sign into their Google account and click on their profile icon.
  2. Tap to ‘Manage your Google Account’ and go to ‘Data and Personalisation’.
  3. Next scroll to ‘Activity controls’ and tap on ‘Web and App Activity’. This is where users can customise settings as per their preference.

Web and App Activity comprises four sub-options :

  • In case, users want to completely hide their trace of activity like search history from Google and YouTube, voice and audio recording, google assistant commands, then they should turn the toggle off.
  • Users can alternatively check the boxes depending on Chrome history and activity from sites, apps, and devices that use for Google services.
  • There is also an option to set the auto-delete feature. Users can choose to auto-delete their activity older than 3 months, or 18 months. Once users have chosen their auto-delete option, they can click on Next or Confirm. End users can also be choose an option of ‘Don’t auto-delete’.
  • The next option is Manage Activity which on being clicked will show users all the data history from the time they created their account unless they decluttered it previously.
  • The items will be arranged by date so users can click on the three stacked dots manually and then go to Delete or Details depending on their preference.
  • If users want the activity to be deleted automatically, they should go to the three stacked dots on the top right-hand side and choose the options between the last hour, last day, or all time. Users can opt for a specific time whose data they want to be deleted, they can do so by going to the custom range.



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