How AI Is Transforming Agricultural Industry?

  • Artificial Intelligence leads the agriculture industry in india to the future way of farming.
  • Improved decison making with the help of AI can benefit the industry greatly.
  • Farmers should educate themselves about the benefits AI can bring to the sector. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) and digital technologies have the potential to support our farmers in overcoming a range of challenges. These technologies provide farmers improved decision-making as one of their core benefits. Increased access to markets, inputs, data, guidance, loans, and insurance will benefit farmers in India’s agricultural sector. Smallholder farming in India may benefit greatly from having access to AI models that can boost farm revenue, optimise input costs, and de-risk farming through quick data intervention.

Therefore, it is very important to educate the farmers and make them understand the benefits it will bring to agriculture before they wholeheartedly accept digital technologies. Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are key to this effort.

Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture

  • Thousands of data points on temperature, soil, water use, weather, etc. are produced daily by farms. This data is used in real-time by artificial intelligence and machine learning models to get insightful knowledge, such as when to plant seeds, which crops to choose, which hybrid seeds to choose for higher yields, and other things.
  • Precision agriculture, often known as artificial intelligence systems, is helping in enhancing the overall quality and accuracy of harvests. AI technology aids in the detection of pests, plant diseases, and poor nutrition in farms. Artificial intelligence (AI) sensors can identify and target weeds before deciding which herbicide to use in the area. This lowers the need for herbicides and lowers costs.
  • Many technological companies developed robots, which use computer vision and artificial intelligence to monitor and precisely spray on weeds. These robots are able to eliminate 80% of the volume of the chemicals normally sprayed on the crops and bring down the expenditure of herbicide by 90%. These intelligent AI sprayers can drastically reduce the number of chemicals used in the fields and thus improve the quality of agricultural produce, and bring in cost efficiency.

Using AI for predictive analytics – Enables right decision-making

predicting the ideal time to sow

A simple data point about the timing of seed sowing can make the difference between a successful year and a failing one. To tackle this, ICRISAT scientists employed a predictive analytics technique to determine an exact date for sowing the seeds in order to get the most yield. In addition to a 7-day weather forecast, it also provides information on the health of the soil and fertiliser suggestions.

Crop yield predictions and price forecasts

For many farmers, the biggest worry is the price fluctuation of the crop. Due to unstable prices, farmers are never able to plan a definite production pattern. This problem is highly prevalent in crops like tomatoes that have very limited shelf time. Companies are using satellite imagery and weather data to assess the acreage and monitor crop health on a real-time basis. With the help of technologies like big data, AI and machine learning, companies can detect pest and disease infestations, estimate the tomato output and yield, and forecast prices. They can guide the farmers and governments on the future price patterns, demand level, type of crop to sow for maximum benefit, pesticide usage etc.

To Summarize

Farmers will be able to make critical decisions on information by using AI in agriculture. Farmers and agri-solutions providers can benefit from a data-centric strategy since it will help them assess how financially successful a crop cycle has been.


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