How to download data from Twitter before your account gets removed?

  • Twitter allows users to download a digital archive of all their tweets and other data offline. Here’s how to do it. 

The drama at Twitter continues after Musk’s acquisition, and there are legitimate concerns about how the service will continue given that the majority of employees are considering leaving. Musk gave employees an ultimatum: prepare for a hardcore Twitter or leave with three months’ pay as part of the deal. According to several reports, many teams are opting out, including some that are critical to the social media website’s operation. While Musk is attempting to entice employees to return, there are concerns about how the service will function.

In addition, users on the down detector are reporting Twitter outages even though the service is still operational, implying that these are most likely false reports. It’s unclear whether these false reports are being spread by angry Twitter employees or trolls at the moment. With hashtags like #RIPTwitter still trending, there is growing concern that the ‘public square’ will collapse soon. Fortunately, there is a way to save all of your Twitter data in the event of a platform-wide crash.

It’s also quite simple and straightforward; here’s how to do it. The only issue. It may not work properly because many of Twitter’s other services are experiencing issues. For one thing, if users have enabled Two-Factor Authentication, they do not receive verification codes on a regular basis (2FA). Still, here’s how to recover your Twitter data.


On the tab on the left, click on More. You should see an option labeled Settings and Support. Here, find the Settings and Privacy tab. A new page will open.

Here, navigate to Your Account > Download an archive of your data.


On the Twitter app, users can request an archive of their Twitter data by tapping on their profile from the main page of the app and then navigating to Settings and Support > Settings and Privacy > Your Account > Download an archive of your data.

You will have to re-enter your password before you proceed. Twitter will then verify that it’s you following an SMS or an email.

You can then click on ‘Request Archive’ and follow on-screen instructions to download all your Twitter data.

Note that for the data to be available, it may take up to 24 hours or more depending on the load on Twitter’s servers. 

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