Huawei Smart Glasses with detachable front frame

Huawei has developed a new smart glasses called ‘Huawei Smart Glasses’ in China, with a removable front frame design.

Classic frame, Stylish pilot, and Retro round frame are the three classic frame options available for the smart glass. It’s also available in a variety of bright frames.

The new Huawei smart glasses are the first to feature HarmonyOS. According to GizmoChina, the glasses offer simultaneous connection of two devices, one-key switching of numerous devices, and visible smart connectivity.

They have powerful 128mm speakers and microphones for hands-free access to Huawei’s Celia assistant. It also has an inverse sound field acoustic technology, and the directed sound chamber + sound vent construction can effectively suppress noise surrounding the ears.

Furthermore, the smart glass can automatically broadcast information such as aeroplane and high-speed train travel reminders, approaching schedule reminders, WeChat reminders, takeout reminders, and more in the system APP and third-party APP apps like as WeChat and Meituan.

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