Immverse Innovations Pvt Ltd Wins Best Use of Conversational AI at GAISA 2024

New Delhi,24=01-2024 Immverse Innovations Pvt Ltd, led by R Ramakrishnan, has secured the prestigious “Best Use of Conversational AI” award at GAISA 2024. The company is renowned for its pioneering work in integrating Bharat’s cultural heritage with modern technology through AI-driven education.

ImmverseAI’s winning model, Bharatiya-LLM, forms the basis for digital personas used in interactive learning. Unlike global models, Bharatiya-LLM ensures geographically equitable AI applications, sidestepping the risk of widening the digital divide in the Global South.

Starting with the vision of “Immortalizing Humans” using Generative AI, ImmverseAI breaks language barriers in education through conversational AI across 11 languages. The company integrates AI with cultural insights to develop Bharatiya LLM, Bharatiya AI, and Bharatiya GPT, preserving Bharat’s rich heritage.

ImmverseAI’s breakthrough lies in multi-modal Generative AI, offering an AI-driven platform for interactive learning in multiple Indian languages. Digital personas simulate human-like interactions, allowing users to immortalize loved ones and interact with historical figures, contributing significantly to cultural heritage preservation.

Recognition and Future Plans

The company’s collaboration with Bhashini enhances inclusivity in educational tools, benefiting over 10,000 students. ImmverseAI plans to expand globally, establishing itself as a cultural ambassador and remains committed to continuous innovation, prioritizing ethical AI practices.

The GAISA 2024 award underscores Immverse Innovations Pvt Ltd’s impact on Conversational AI, highlighting its exceptional blend of tradition and technology for global education.

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