Instagram added Do not disturb feature

Instagram just added its own version of ‘Do not disturb,’ with a new feature called ‘quiet mode‘ for users in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Meta’s newest feature is specifically designed for children, allowing them to take a break from browsing and focus on their studies. The business also stated that it will notify children who spent too much time on the app at night.

The feature will disable all notifications, auto-respond to messages, and convert your activity status to ‘in quiet mode’. When this option is disabled, the user will receive a summary of all missed actions. Meta promises to help consumers ‘set boundaries with friends and followers with this version’.

Instagram has also added new tools for personalizing suggestions and boosted parental controls. Users may now mark posts on the ‘Explore’ page as ‘not interested’ to prevent seeing similar content in the future and block words, emojis, and hashtag recommendations. Parents can be notified when their child changes a setting and view blocklisted accounts on their child’s handle.

According to a Common Sense Media report, teenagers’ screen time has advanced by 17 per cent between 2019 and 2021. Following the Most recent survey, Instagram is the most popular social networking app among Generation Z. The ‘quiet mode’ is the latest in a series of moves by Meta to give users more control over their digital footprints amid concerns about social media’s detrimental impact on young adults.


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