Japan Breaks Internet Speed Record

A group of engineers from the National Institute Information & Communication Technology (NICT), japan breaks the world record for internet speed with a stunning 319 terabits per second (TB/s). Previous record was set on 178 TB/s by a team of engineers from UK & Japan.

The team was successful in maintaining stable speed, they used four core optical fiber and paired it with “552 PDM-16QAM and wavelength-division multiplexed channels.” report says. The group had to use special technicalities familiar only to the skilled laser engineers.

They submitted a paper regarding this at the International Conference on Optical Fiber Communications and said, “We demonstrate the recirculating transmission of 552 x 25 GHz spaced channels covering >120 nm of S, C, and L-bands in a 125μm diameter, 4-core fiber, measuring a decoded throughput of 319 Tb/s at 3001 km”.

However, the record is impressive and way better than previous one, the NICT engineers now working to make it even faster.

The world is going to fly!!!

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