LG’s Face mask comes with a microphone and a built-In Speaker!

The LG puricare Wearable Air Purifier has received some new features that make the mask a must-buy.

Back in August, LG launched its face mask with the combination of two HEPA filters that purifies the air you breathe in. As per the latest update, the mask now features an in-built microphone and speaker that both use proprietary tech called VoiceON to automatically detect when you talk and amplifies the voice through the speaker.

LG said in a press release that “the motor in the latest iteration of the PuriCare Wearable is smaller, lighter, and more efficient. This directly translates to a mask that weighs less and lasts longer between charges. In addition, the LG DUAL fans are staying the same for this new version, and they are capable of automatically changing up airflow based on the user’s breathing patterns.”

Lg plans to launch the latest puricare in Thailand next month and gradually to other regions.

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