Lisa: Odisha TV Unveils India’s First Regional AI News Anchor, Revolutionizing Broadcasting

Odisha TV, an Odia-based news station, has made history by unveiling “Lisa,” India’s first regional AI news anchor. This remarkable development marks a groundbreaking moment in TV broadcasting and journalism, with the potential to revolutionize the industry.

In a video shared on Twitter by OTV, Lisa confidently introduces herself, expressing excitement for this historic occasion. The news station revealed that she would soon be hosting news updates, showcasing her capabilities as an AI news anchor. What sets Lisa apart is her ability to speak multiple languages, including Odia, English, and others.

OTV acknowledged the challenges of training Lisa in the Odia language and disclosed that efforts are underway to enhance her proficiency further. The platform’s goal is to develop her interactive skills, enabling seamless communication with others. Additionally, the news station encouraged viewers to connect with Lisa on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

An AI anchor, like Lisa, collects, tracks, and categorizes information and then converts it into usable and actionable data. These anchors play a crucial role in keeping viewers informed by automatically generating searchable action items, ensuring that important points are never missed.

China introduced Xinhua, their AI news anchor, two years prior. Xinhua can mimic human voices, gestures, and mannerisms in 3D. It is worth noting that Xinhua is funded by the Chinese government, either entirely or partially.

Earlier this year, India Today Group introduced their AI news anchor, Sana, during the 20th edition of the India Today Conclave. Kalli Purie, Vice-Chairperson of India Today, described Sana as “bright, gorgeous, ageless, tireless, speak multiple languages, and is completely under my control.”

The introduction of Lisa showcases the continued expansion of AI boundaries within the media industry. It opens up new possibilities for engaging and dynamic news presentations in different languages and regional contexts. The presence of regional AI news anchors like Lisa enables better accessibility and connectivity with viewers across diverse linguistic backgrounds.

As technology continues to evolve, the integration of AI in journalism and broadcasting promises to reshape the way news is delivered and consumed. The introduction of Lisa by Odisha TV highlights the industry’s commitment to leveraging AI’s potential for more engaging, efficient, and inclusive news dissemination.

With Lisa’s pioneering role as India’s first regional AI news anchor, the media landscape in the country is set to undergo a transformation. As she continues to develop her language proficiency and interactive skills, Lisa has the potential to redefine news broadcasting and captivate audiences with her multilingual capabilities. The era of AI news anchors is here, and it brings with it a new chapter in the evolution of journalism in India.

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